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Listed below is the 5-Step program we use to inspect, evaluate, and implement pest management treatment.


The inspection gives the professional some ideas of the measures that may or may not be used; safety precautions that may be necessary; and when the pest management work can be best done.


A positive and accurate identification is needed to make a thorough evaluation of the problem and an appropriate recommendation for control.


​The recommendation to eliminate a pest problem should be made only after the inspection has been completed and all the facts surrounding the pest problem are known.


Implementation of pest management tools and techniques to be used include sanitation, harborage removal, exclusion, and other mechanical devices to prevent pests from entering.  There may also be use of non-chemical activities to eliminate pests and prevent their reoccurrence.

Program Evaluation:

The pest population level must be continually monitored.  The customer must also be kept advised of matters of sanitation and how to prevent new pest problems from being established.



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